Keywords: css, disaster
Well its not going quite to plan tbh, my knowledge of the CSS language is very limited so I'm struggling through it, hopefully I will arrive at something I like.

Just so y'all know the design and graphics were done by me and I am for hire....possibly, with the right incentive =P.
I give in for now may mess on some more later!
Loving this CSS. Look's easy on the eye. although on the monitor i'm using now. some of the text comes off screen.
Thanks for the compliment, if you could let me know which text that is it would be great.
might wanna consider moving the members info bit to the left slightly.
Also the gray background around the title text isn't very appealing :)?

big_box > .title, .box > .title, .big_box > h3.title, .box > h3.title,
.big_box .box_content > .title, .box .box_content > .title, .big_box .box_content > h3.title, .box .box_content > h3.title{

Or whatever colour you'd want or since it's you, you should have a background image.
Thanks Teka that was giving me a headache, any chance you could give me a hint on how to neaten up the comment sections so its aligned like my home page?
It's not the alignment, it's the fact that the blog post box is bigger than the home section boxes(whatever they are). You just need to shift the members info div to the left slightly.

#member_info {
left: 50px;

Something like that just change the 50 till it is where you want it, you may have to save it and enter a blog post to test it a couple of times.
would that not also change its placement on the regular page?
It would but it doesn't really matter it'll still look good as long as you don't change it to much, you could always move the center part right slightly and info left slightly, that will balance it slightly better.
Thanks for the advice i'l take a look into it =) though my CSS is a mess so it may just be a job of getting someone who knows what they are doing to do it again from scratch lol.
If you make me layout manager I'll sort it out a bit if you want.
Thanks for the offer GreatFisher but I already have Teka taking a look at it =)
Kk lol.
Looking good. :P
That's much better.
Yeah thanks teka for sorting out the placements and sizes and stuff, awesome job as usual