Well, i recently picked up on CSS thanks to Teka, Since then ive done a few CSS' for some people.

They are as follows:

Ill most likely continue to update this post as i do more, In time i might make a new one, who knows?

EDIT(10-03-11): I have made a forum under My blog page for CSS requests, this is if you want me to do them personally. To go to the exact form Click Here.

Thats all, thanks for reading.

Jester, I request a CSS for my Zidz Productionz BYOND Site, I kindly ask you to make me one.
Sure, Add me on the pager, or just post the details of what you want here. I should make a Forum under my site.
I'll add you on Pager.
Hey hey, jester is in the css guild :D.
Not in it.. im more like... well a noob. Lmao, *Will Get Tab On Side Bar!*.
You guys are really helpful to people on BYOND. Great Job Lucifer.
Psst no one seems to like this css > lol i was really pleased with it :(
I think that's pretty good lol.
I disliked it.

oh wai.

No I'm not.
Hmm Teka hurry up and approve bubbler's hub lol
ok i have listed it Fisher :)

i think this looks nice having the header image in the forum section as well.
Thanks and what?
Teka123 wrote:
Psst no one seems to like this css > lol i was really pleased with it :(

Its okay, im in love with the pop outs, but i dont wanna be jackin' your shiz ya kno?