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Well last night me and Teka had a bit of a chat and he came to me with the idea of changing the mafia guy i originally drew in illustrator. I was intrigued by the idea and got to drawing. This was the outcome:

I'm in the process of scanning it and digitalizing it as I blog this but tell me guys, what do you think?

Well here is the Digital version. I may tweek it a little but i feel fairly happy with it. but some C&C might be good.

Looks awesome.
I prefer the current one tbh, but we'll see it's final production...
That actually looks better. Beard seems off putting but in another way it's "him."
Thats teka when hes not giving memberships, disapproving games, and working on a game.
yup he's devising ways in which to apply my artistic genius.
Well that looks cool, Not sure how you are going to implement it into this css unless you change it all up, but anyway it does looks great.
Nice, well Teka does have a bit of a beard, and the hair's not far off either, It looks good, but it looks a bit tough for Teka, but sometimes he should be a bit tougher.
Might i add, nicely drawn. =)
I will just be redoing the Header to impliment it
You're very skilled if you can draw like that, lineart and colour it. Nice work.
Yes, I agree.
Slayde wrote:
You're very skilled if you can draw like that, lineart and colour it. Nice work.

That new one looks a lot better in my opinion!
dude that is straight up bad ass.
Have you ever thought about moving to Japan and becoming a manga author?
Of course you can always stay where you are and start there.. (or not)
Mecha is amazing, You don't want to know how much i had to pay for him to do this.

Anyway he's the best artist i've ever met and he's brilliant :P a good friend as well :P
You paid him 1$, cuz ur a stingy ass motherfucker. Just joking.
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