Teka123 wrote:
You don't want to know how much i had to pay for him to do this.

Tell us anyways.
It cost me.. years of friendship.
Teka123 wrote:
It cost me.. years of friendship.

Ridiculously overpriced.
Invotis wrote:
Have you ever thought about moving to Japan and becoming a manga author?
Of course you can always stay where you are and start there.. (or not)

I'm currently at University doing a BA Hons in Games Art so I can be a 3D model Artist.....or a concept artist _ not too sure lol
I'm off out for a few drinks with some friends but when i get back I will post the digital version up for you guys to see.
He's a hardcore homosexual with an obsession with handguns. He strives to become the wealthiest man on earth and is prepared to destroy anyone who gets in his way.

F33R H!M
The glove =[ where is the glove?!!
I wish i had an awesome banner like this :(
I donated 5$... TEEHEE
OMG Friendship? Onoez !!!
I took ill last night with a stomach bug so this isn't finished yet but I will have it done and a new header ready by tonight =) as long as I can keep some food down =/.
I'll need a copy of it when it's done. :P
And the header is done. Enjoy =)
O SHIT Thats epic o_O!!!!
I'm unsure about it personally.
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