Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
Did you really just create a fake quote just to say that? You're stupid.
Yut Put wrote:
Did you really just create a fake quote just to say that? You're stupid.

I see Bleach basis.
Is all.
MasterMerv wrote:
I see Bleach basis.
Is all.

Hmmm, do you say we have a Bleach basis because of the usage of spirits?
I thought of Kraken and Wolf beforehand, muahahaha!
Soul Drive seems like Shikai to me.
Stage 2 Fire seems like a Bankai.
Stage 1 Fire is a Shikai.

Stage 1 Earth is Renji's Bankai...yeah.

Also, if Water is an element alone, why is it a part of Earth?
Alright, so let me get them all down.

1) We're using the four elements so we're based on Avatar the last Airbender. (Even though they're many of stories out there that use elements.)
2) We have power ups on different levels, so we've based that on Bleach. (Even though they're many stories out there with powerups.)
3) I assume if I was to speak about players/guilds managing captured towns/villages we'd be Naruto based.
4) I'm also waiting to be accused of being One Piece based since we have ships.

What I may conclude is that since we're on BYOND, people find it hard to accept a fantasy RPG that is not based on a popular story. So you've selected the similarities and writen off the game as "Bleach based. Is all.", am I correct?

Water is not a part of earth. That blue that you see is the standard color of "spirit".
I had assumed that the Blue energy connecting the Basalisk( which in my opinion looks fantastic..err mostly the head seems a little off) was spirit energy but I could see how people would get confused. Maybes a more neutral colour like white/grey would be better?
I said I see Bleach basis.
Is all that's noticed.
I never meant to demeen this in any way. I'm looking quite forward to this. I've just shown you the resemblance to Bleach within those screenies, hoping you'd realize there might be something wrong with a portion I've seen.
@MasterMerv - What I saw from your comment was a empty post that wrote off this piece of the game as being a Bleach knockoff, to which I have taken offence.

Moving past that, Zane's decided to base each element off a mythological beast of some significance. I believe the basilisk fits earth quite well, and the fact of the matter is Zane has the freedom to flesh out whatever artistic idea he has, that's the major part of what makes developing an original game fun. If we had to dance around not seeming like everything else it would inevitably become more stress than it is worth. I can't say we never take influence as we are human after all, but it becomes a little annoying when all people have to say about something is "looks like x", criticism is great, the first post I made about SA requested suggestions from the BYOND community, but only constructive criticism is genuinely helpful. The rest is annoying.

@MechaCloud - Well Zane's said that these are majorly concepts, however I am sure that ingame it will be clear what is water from what is spirit. Just looks different. (Plus spirit is pretty translucent.)
@Chris Okay then I trust you guys to know what your doing better than someone with an outside opinion. I do think however that the Basalisk should maybe be the secondary stage as it completely outshines the first stage of fire. Maybes something a little more tame or toned down could be the first stage?
Well if you think about it, earth tends to be a "big" element, and I think that's what Zane's going for. All the earth techniques are bigger than the others so I 'm sure the other stages of earth will outshine it's predecessor.
@Chris with that mindset then it seems perfectly normal then, anyways best of luck with the project.
It looks amazing.
I like those Pixels
Inspiring work. If this game finishes (Unlike alot of highly anticipated games on byond) I can't wait to play it in full gear. ^-^
I can't help but laugh at myself for never finishing my "spirit" based game known as "The Spirit Revelation." Brings back memories. I'm somewhat disappointed to see a turn in interest toward this game rather than the Bleach game you intended to make. But no matter how much I see your art I can't help but be astonished. I would dare say I'd be impressed with anything you publish. I look forward to the future of this game.
turn on a beta server =) this game is perfect
WOW I'm Speachless o____o
i love the base of basalisk , are perfect !!
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