Bleach: After-Life

by Heyya46
Bleach: After-Life
Now being remade with passive skills and skill trees!
I am giving our "fans" an update about Bleach:After Life, here's whats going into the game.

Passive based fighting(Kudos/Credits to Naruto Final Fight for inspiring the idea)

Ah yes..the Passive based fighting. The one thing that has stirred up much confusion. First off...even though the passives will be on a skill tree. The "skill tree" is just there for organization. For those who don't understand what that means. It doesn't work like a skill tree, its just there because its more pleasing to the eye.

The passives work like this(and for those who have played NFF its pretty much the same), you use your attacks or what ever the passive entails and raise it. Easy to understand right? Pretty much like mastering your shikai on any other bleach game.

I'm considering having mode in which you fight battles from the manga(no not the anime...anime would include fillers and we know how bad those are) With this mode, I'm considering having "friendly" NPCs to help you out like Renji or Rukia. far Ive completed Ichigo, Ikkaku, and Kira's shikais and the shikai obtainment(forgive me if thats not a word) system as well as a few skill cards and the basic programming of them. Since Heyya46 has nearly all the icons done already for his version of BAL (stat distribution game), expect this game to finish sooner than what that lazy guy did (though he can't program.) :)
Hey, i think the skill tree system is a pretty cool idea.But i wanted to ask you if you put any thought into Hakuda (Hand to hand combat in Bleach)? It's not something you see in Bleach games (with the exception of Sado's).
Yes I did put some though behind that. The passives I have for Hakuda determine punch speed and attack strength.
Oh ok,cool cause i had some idea's for it if you didn't think of anything. But nevermind, goodluck