Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
The first stage of the test will be a showcase of some of the systems in Spirit Age, you'll be able to see some of the back end systems and in this first session we'll explain certain aspects of our vision of the game and take suggestions from participants.

However after we've done that "Look at how we did this" kind of lesson test, we'll take the server down and later today (around 6pm giving us just enough time to polish things.) we'll upload an actual PvE environment for people to play, I hope it's stable enough to be kept up until around 12am. So a few hours of game play for our players :)
Cancelled. Since we're in alpha, we'll update further before we release anything "playable"

So, look out for the server within the next 30 minutes!
Amazing. Just amazing. LET'S DO THIS!
^_^ **looks out**
ohh crap I am gonna miss this
Game is up. :]
Damnit. I'm going to miss this one too.
Tried getting on 15-20 minutes ago but "failed." Now is too many people D:
The game just crashes every time I log in lol.
Don't work for me, keeps failing D:
No offense, but this game is a CPU killer. I literally rebooted my computer three times, and every time I log in I can't even see my mob's icon, I actually can't see nothing at all except for the game's window. I switched my theme to Windows Classic thinking that would cut down on some of the problems but unfortunately that just made it even worse.
I tried to join when there was only 1 player. (Getting on early = Position is kept >:D)
Connection nevar worked D: Guess it was a mini-test?
byond:// I think I solved the issue.
Holy crap. My computer was almost killed by trying to connect to the server.
Pixel movement is not for MMO's.
The pixel movement aspect works fine for me.
It runs incredibly slow for me, jumping 60-80 pixels at a time which completely negates using pixel movement in the first place.
SuperAntx wrote:
It runs incredibly slow for me, jumping 60-80 pixels at a time which completely negates using pixel movement in the first place.

Well this is a situation of cost versus benefit. We want to build something that doesn't feel chunky, is smooth and responsive. So we'll persevere with the pixel movement aspect in our games, and hope it doesn't cost us too much.
I agree with SuperAntx. pixel movement requires data being sent every frame, which is not particularly good for MMOs. However with the implementation of the new native pixel movement in BYOND, you might be able to get away with using linear keyframe movement (similar to how many MMOs work with non-tiled movement).
The game looks pretty good, succes with it ;)