Keywords: art, drawing, ipad2, sketch
So last week I was giving the small brief to come up with a concept for the tag line "can't afford and iPad2". With Steve Jobs dying my mind obviously jumped to one conclusion:

It was a quick sketch took between 10-15minutes plus another 5 to go over it with ink, but tell me what you guys think?

P.S. also feel free to fan me if you think I deserve it but don't bother if your not interested.
The show looks messed up and his arms are huge o_o
Thanks for the input guys the lecturer was saying to try and make it cartoon like rather than life like but i kinda failed =/ but i think the gag is still humorous.
Why would someone want an iPad2?
Also, the feet (and partially the right leg) have some messed up perspectives. Since the elbows / arms have already been pointed out I can avoid that, shovel too.
its amazing, and comical. Soo, fanned. =3
Maybe he was buried with one.*
He's buried with the Universal iPad4 Deluxe that comes included with Jesus on speed dial.
lol nice drawing as usual :) though some things do look really out of proportion, i think that left leg is trying to twist all the way round and snap.
Yea.. left leg is o.o'ey
Btw is it supposed to be "Can't afford an iPad2"
SilencedWhisper wrote:
Btw is it supposed to be "Can't afford an iPad2"

Thanks missed that typo
yeah the feet suck completely but by the time I had noticed it was already inked =/ but ah well I wasn't marked on it, it was just an exercise.
I still believe in the idea that he was buried with an iPad4. Amen, brother with the twisted left leg~
I love this! :P Very cool. Lol.
tbh my personal favorite part is his 1up belt buckle.
Rofl just noticed that belt buckle. Nice. I've got an iPad 2... not worth it. I use my half-beaten-to-death laptop like 20x more. If you get the cash... get a PC xD