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We have a new BYOND pager that will hopefully improve both the user experience and bring us in a bit of much needed income to salvage this product. If you want to try it out before we take it fully the public, venture to the new forums:

Beta Testers forum (get releases and discuss here)
Beta Bugs forum (report all problems here)

When this is stable, we'll put it on the hub and I'll make an official announcement (maybe a video) discussing the usage, as well as a long-overdue commentary about where BYOND stands at the moment.

This is great news. Thanks so much, Tom! :)

Edit: I should really greatly thank all of those that helped make this possible. I'm loving every part of the new pager.
Wow! A new pager? It looks great!
What a surprise, I never saw this coming!

(SSX was one of the most comprehensive testers)
Very nice, slick design. go tom GO!
The scroll bar doesn't really match the style of everything else around it. I like everything else though.
Very nice, i like the color design, and layout, i presume the adverts are bringing in some funds :D? Its very easy to navigate being user friendly, i also like the browsing through tags for games its very smooth. Ill post back with bugs i find in the bug forum as soon as possible great work keep it up.
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Finally! I've been waiting forever for this.
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ExPixel wrote:
The scroll bar doesn't really match the style of everything else around it. I like everything else though.

I thought this was one of my older posts for a second.
Well this seems like a very nice pager. Good job! By the way just wondering. How much revenue would this system generate by your calculations?
It is really hard to tell until we get a lot of testing.
It's design is lovely, however, I think the popups showed on the bottom right should be dark as the new layout.

I like it a lot (: But, when I was downloading the resources of a game, it didn't display any advertise, I don't know why though.
Please report that in the Beta Bugs, telling us exactly what happened, your version of IE, etc. Most likely you don't have a newer version of Flash for IE but it should be showing something in that spot.
Wow, I frickin love this new pager. I've only had it on for maybe an hour or less, but I already think it's 100 times better than the old one.

I'm not big on the sounds, though they are better than before, but that may be getting changed already. I also miss it displaying at least one or two games my friends are playing beside their name because I felt that was a quick way to get people curious since they won't always click the names and see the games, but other than that I think everything is a major improvement.
You can mouseover the person's name to see what game(s) they are in, it'll appear in a tooltip balloon.
I actually think I would use the pager more often if the forums were specially integrated into it. As it is, I haven't had to use it very much at all. Just a random thought.
The intent is largely for new users, so that they have a way of easily finding and getting into games. The messaging is pretty good, although that's only for Members. We have some ideas for mass game and follower alerts (like twitter) that might go in later.
I love it :)
Jaws dropped. Beautiful designs, love the multi-tabs.
Really nice work Tom.
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