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Scyrus123 wrote:
<_<(looks there), >_>(and there), <.<(and there), >.>(there again), >.<(what the heck is the new pager? how do I check it out?), O.O

How about actually reading the post?
ahhhhh O.O thanks
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Tobirachi wrote:
You guys took out bookmarks :(

I have to agree with Tobirachi's sentiment here; the loss of bookmarks makes it a hassle to join an invisible game with a static IP:port.
It's on the List.
Woot an announcement!
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Anyway I've briefly looked at the beta it's ... Different not that stylish IMO kinda has a old school Steam look to it... Which is disappointing you really should step it up and make it look more modern but hey it's still good.
Great work on the pager! I have a quick question though, will this officially replace the old one or will you add a feature so you can choose one another? Don't get me wrong this pager beats the old one by a long shot ,but i'm still curious.
No bookmarks?! :c
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Zohan98 wrote:
No bookmarks?! :c

Click "Open" in the Games tab, or Resources tab, or "Open Location" in the Gear menu. The bottom dropdown box is the bookmarks.
Wait you have to be a BYOND member to message people on the pager? Or did I just read it wrong Tom? and if so I think, the thing where you need to be a member to message people who aren't your friends...
Nonmembers can freely use the pager in this beta, but we may lift that privilege.
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Or perhaps limit it? I understand the situation that would arise in which you'd consider removing a privilege such as this, but simply limiting things members have a much-less limited way use of is a good approach to things(take the DCUO outlook on things, for example; two character slots, a limit on the cash you can carry, less item space, ect. for the free account, which will give that taste to the consumer that makes them want the rest of the pie.)
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Or perhaps limit it?

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Tom wrote:
Nonmembers can freely use the pager in this beta, but we may lift that privilege.

I would suggest limiting number of pages they can send per minute. I think limiting the pager messenger would be a big set back.
Whenever I page someone it freezes. Is that due to it being a beta(that it wasn't unlocked) or is this an actual bug? might have to do with me only though.
If it's the entire pager application that's freezing, I'd say that's a bug, and you'll want to report it here:

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