Dragonball Z: World Of Chaos II

by RON913
One of the greatest Byond Dragonball Z games

Welcome back!!

Welcome, To Chaos.


RON913 - Owner/Hub Some Design
Pakuun - Hub Design/Mapper-Iconner.
Tobi2137 - Support Team.

This is a great game thank you for creating this game ron its a very cool game i wish it had lots of players this game has really good graphics so i wish people come to play this awesome game xD.
Nice game bro. Thanks :D and i wish too that make more characters..
Hey! Whats Happening?
Bring It back up cant join the servers....PLEASE!
Yeah the game is playable but we need a perm host.
Hey Ron? This is Quickeye now Hahaha brother of SSJanton xD
Open da server again
I thought it was a shell? well anyways if your looking for a host message me on byond and if I can send me the host files and source and stuff
He did
Hey i would like to aply for GM.
In game name:Kyler
Why i want to be GM?:There seem to be a lack of them and this game could use the help.
GM experiance:I have none but this is a great place to start.

I dont know what else im supposed to put lol.
tell ne with pager([email protected])or email me @ [email protected]
In game name: Turles



Experience: Admin lvl 3 in dragonball shuurajou, infinite realms and Dragon ball GT burn world. Im coding but not too much and i can icon too like a statues or anything that can we use an item in the game. Im a pro iconer in turf and other objects.
PS: Im not pro coder, Im just pro in iconning

Hobbys: Playing baseball, Novice coder, pro iconer, watching anime sometime if i get bored, eating xD.

Why are you applying for gm: Hello, Im Turles (SSJanton) and I am here to apply to be a part of staff for the game Dragon Ball World of Chaos. I have applied for a position many times, I usually hear a "No" and constructive criticism and I try my best to make myself better. I have played this game since I believe 2012, and I have seen it grow and grow. As the game grows, I see players becoming a lot more devious. I have seen many instances of AFK training, or spamming and have never been able to get hold of an active Admin to do something about it. I want to change that, me as a GM would mean a very watchful eye, I am on a lot and I always follow the rules. I am always nice to player's and other Admin's, I help out to the fullest extent of my power no matter what. I always try to use proper grammar and punctuation when i play and when I am speaking to people in general, I show respect and loyalty to anyone who is willing to treat me the same.This game is great and I would very much love to be a Admin for you not only for me, but for the player's. I love this game and I really would like to be a real part of it, this is me asking you to please allow me to try and make the game more enjoyable and fun for everyone. When I first started playing this game, it was my goal to be a Admin for you and I am honestly hoping to hear good news from you. Accept me or not, this will still be the only game I will open my computer to play everyday. I appreciate you reading this and replying to this and ,thank you for your time and please, have a nice day.

Just PM me if you let me admin in the game. :)
In response to SSJanton
In Game Name:Flames.

Experience:I've Co Own Naruto Broken Dream,Main Owner in naruto One's Will.And Been admin in Naruto Heroe's United.

What i can Do:I can Icon,Code and GFX.

And From all the Game's i've Played this is the Best Thank you for you'r Time and Have a Great Day.

in game name'' Well i dont know

Exeperience im not pro coder just saying >.>
what i can do : i can give you kisses 5 times a day

In game name " I didnt even join the game :D

Exeperience : Mapping But who said i want admin I WAS JUST PORED
Why i want GM : Cuz i said soo D:
Where you at Ronnieboy
New Game commin out Banned from DA Tell grimm i'm making a complete new game and ask him for my unban.
I will when he's on bro
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