So like a month ago, I started working on sharpening my skills with larger pixel art. I haven't had the chance to add this to my game but I feel like I'm going to be adding it maybe tomorrow or the day after. So I'd like some constructive criticism before I do so. I'd like it 100% perfect before adding it in.

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PS: the animation sped up for the gif, normally it would look much smoother and realistic.

One thing I think doesn't fit is the head's perspective but I'm terrible with perspective so any ideas would be helpful :)
My problem is that the body is a top down view but the head is a front view. It looks as if the dragon is aware there is a camera and looking up at it or that the face of the dragon is located on top of its head. It is difficult to do but you have to try and keep the view consistent.

I'd also suggest making the tail animate maybe, I dunno though. Other than that it looks nice, very much like the anime.
This is where his eyes should be. You can continue from there.

Remember, he is looking infront of himself, not up into the sky. Therefore, from a top down view, his eyes are going to be near the edge of his head, not in the center or near the very top. Same with the mouth - I should see next to nothing of his mouth in a top down view.
I think you should also consider how well this fits in with your current art, looking at some other screenshots your other art isn't as top down as this. I think the perspective used is 3/4 or oblique whereas this piece is strictly top down.
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Yeah that's what I thought.. I just can't find a way to make it work, for example: empirez, your edit is in the correct perspective but in that perspective it hardly looks like a dragon and looks sorta silly. So I'm stuck now, I don't know where to go from this point.

And Slayde, yeah that's another problem. I didn't really think about that at the time but still it took me about 3 hours to make this, I don't really have the time/motivation to make another. Either way, I don't think it should be that big of a problem:)
Just make the face pointed a bit more like this:

I would use this for reference if you're not already:
That's a much better reference than what I was using thanks! although it seems you already edited everything perfectly, do you mind If I use your edit?
The face of the creature doesn't look like a dragon. Also, only the wings of dragon are moving rather than the whole body. Shades on the wings also look weird.
Eyes lower... we shouldn't see the mouth that much..

Extremely long neck as compared to short body length o.o

Shading with the wings is a bit too much. On the fourth state like 80% of the wing that should have light on it is shaded dark. O.O
Yeah the thing is, I'm shit with animation-__- and silenced the neck is generally long with the clay dragon. It's usually the same length as the body and why would it have light? the wing is folding downward ahaha

unless I'm even worse with lighting than I thought.
Random pixel artist bullshit.
Rugg wrote:
Random pixel artist bullshit.

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AbdelJN wrote:
That's a much better reference than what I was using thanks! although it seems you already edited everything perfectly, do you mind If I use your edit?

Sure you can use it if you want lol :P
Good luck.
The Wings need to have a bigger animation area that leads all the way up to where the wings connect to the dragon's body. Movement in the Tail, Feet, Neck and Arms(?) Are also acceptable.
Just got back from having no internet, thanks for the feedback guys, I'll try fixing it up a bit.

Rugg wrote:
Random pixel artist bullshit.

you're cool bruh

Oh no! Clay dragon see's us!): haha jk
Not bad, a few angle touch ups could help.
You should change the dragon's head. Unless it suppose to look like that. Since your looking at it at a top down view its field of vision is suppose to be at a downward angel. For a better animation, try making its neck and tail sway from left to right.
1) Great start

2) The shading, mainly on the wings, is a bit off. Instead of shading in the light as patches of radiance, try and smooth it completely out from lighter to darker colors (in this case white). The shading is way to sudden after the wings flap down; it should flow into it.

3) If you're going to add movement, add movement in the places where it would be appropriate. If the wings themselves move, then logically, the entire part of the wings must move as well. Maybe animating the wings to also flap slightly up would work to create a better effect.

4) The dragon should be gliding up and down so making the wings push it up a few pixels are so would also add to a greater effect.

Nice job.