Kaamos and I have been working on a completely new version of Box Head Online, from scratch.

The graphics are smooth, the guns are awesome, thanks to Kaamos as a second great programmer. Using the new features of BYOND this game will probably be one of the more impressive games to reach the BYOND community, but don't take my word for it...

Development is still in progress, however now that its not just me working alone, progress is much faster and more efficient! Kaamos is also great for graphics and what-not, so yay.

This version will more closely immitate the real boxhead game, except yes, it will still be multiplayer! What is a game without multiplayer?!
Replying here because I can't post on Dev. Forums.

A newly caught Pokemon has 0 EVs. None at all. Same with a newly obtained starter Pokemon.
thanks and why not?

Also the game's battle mechanic are almost done, just need to work out the PVP!