Sonic: Chaos Breakers

by Inferno L Flames
Sonic: Chaos Breakers
Battle it out with characters from all over the sonic Universe!
The game has reached its completion point!!!

A full roster of 22 characters!

Starting with these four as you unlock more!


Sonic Chaos Breakers is the brother game of Sonic Rumble Arena. For all of you that remember that this game takes on a different format where you can fight with up to 3 other people in an arena. In this game you don't have health but rings. Rings are lost from attacks and can be grabbed at any time when you are mobile. As long as you have 1 ring you will not be defeated.

Where the game?!!!
alot has been going on i have to fix that save bug and that crash bug by hosting on my own computer for a few weeks then i will try to put it on the shell
Well,this died.
It's not dead guys infact its more alive than ever. I've done a few character balances and found a few people to let me use their shell so I even have a backup now!
Oh man,game never on .....T.T
You missed it game has been on for 3 days straight I'm trying to get acess to the shell myself cause the shell owner is ripping and running
Yes, but nobody can host it for now?
I want to play =/
working on it
Yay,I can try to host it...But I don't know it will go T.T
AAh,I can't wait I want too much for play man T.T
it wont lemme join
This looks like a fun game.
I thought there was a shell but anyway this game looks really fun :3
Let Me Host, or Make Game Hostable, There Never Online When Im On!
Wow, Flames, long time no see. You probably never remembered me but I played SRA a few years ago when it was fresh and new. Glad you're still in BYOND gaming.
Shell Server is back up people
SS4John wrote:
Shell Server is back up people

Why Dont You make Hostable?
It Wont Kill Nobody =)
Cool Game
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