Sonic: Chaos Breakers

by Inferno L Flames
Sonic: Chaos Breakers
Battle it out with characters from all over the sonic Universe!
Skymerion wrote:
Cool Game

Yah, but i wanna host so i can get people on, because people dont wanna join
except slow loading this games awesome! bad thing is u need other players. this game srsly need cpu battles d=i
This is an awesome game, The only thing that's killing it big time's the lack of players, if the game had a bigger, more stable playerbase it could be pure awesomeness. The CPU battle idea from Bio-King's good as well, when no one's on you could still play by fighting CPU's. One thing i'D want to know though, is what song you're using for the Music Plant Stage ._. It's awesome.
Hm!Every week he doesnt host the thing wtf is up with that?One year ago he was working on that shell server and it wont come on now even in the weekends when there is no bug so host the thing already
This game is dead. Just great..
Does Mighty the armadillo, use a giga drill breaker? lol
I'm alive guys. Sorry life has been something different I've moved out of my moms house recently so yea.
i been noticing when people be playing with dark so i wanted to know how is it a cheat or something?
Server is down.. D:
<- has a shell lemme host this D:
Can we make this game online again, I just really love this game a lot. Anyway thanks for listening.
Omg host it I was a rank 5
I apologize for inconsistency.
I would be a tester :o
dude i test it :o if there still openings
why isnt da server up ? :'(
I need host files D:
where the heck is the game?! im a big fan of this game IT NEEDS TO COME BACK
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