Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
Well i decided i should have a map but since my games maps are made in small sections within the map spread amongst the Z levels, it has no real structure besides tele's and linked places, so i decided to make a current Map to v 1.1

There are some areas missing as we have not linked them up yet but we're getting there, and ill just continue to update this maps file as we go.

There's is a big difference between v 1.0 and v 1.1 and we are growing closer to releasing it which i can't wait for since i grow tired of playing the old v 1.0 version which gets hosted so often.

Obviously this was all drawn freehand by me in MS paint so it's far from professional lol :(

It's still a great map =D
In response to Chwgt
Chwgt wrote:
It's still a great map =D

Good job Tim!
Thanks guys :)
Looks good but in my opinion the Dessert?, Desert? needs to look bigger :3
This is just following how the map already looks Vixi :), it'll grow as more maps are made :D so desert could indeed get bigger :D seems like a good idea to me too.

But thanks as well :)
Tim, gonna use my idea? :D Huh? Huhhh? :P lol
Great job! It looks really good!
Holy crap! That is amazing! Great job :D
O snap
Chumble! i like that reaction :P but is it to me.. or Yut's awesome map..

Lol I've also updated the map a little, can be clicked for bigger :O
Sorry I should of made a response,it was for Yut Put's map yours is good to.

Updated the map some more :) nearly completed to match v 1.1
Map looks better. =D
:D yes looks much better. I like what you did to Mr Slend? the bottom part. Also when i saw Gothicham first thing that came to my mind was Gothom City or w/e
Thanks ^^, you might have missed it but some cool places might be.. Dream land with the hatters table and rabbits, as well as Naslania with Mr.T's cave and beaver house and ice palace and wolfs and then indeed there is Gothicham which will have The Fatman living in it.. with a bat cave as well as some sewers with mutant ninja turtles..
I was looking for his cave so bad.. But then realized it wasn't finished. I'm looking forward to it, Tim! :P

Edit: Isn't Mr. Slend in a dark forest? Why's his land green on the map? o.O.. is it a surprise!? :D!?
Looks, nice Teka in game is that actually the shapes of each?
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