Angel Falls

by Teka123
Angel Falls
Fantasy, RPG, Adventure:-Beta - Download available.
It's not 100% exact. But judging from my memory. He did it.. pretty darn close. o.o. So yes, I think I can answer for him that this map is the shape of the game and also reveals some updates. :) Which I'm so looking forward to! SINCE I KILLED THE LINK KING DRAGON! >:D Mwahahaha! I would have to very much say I am the first to do so. If not, I still feel accomplished. Lol. I want to quest more and beat up variations of NPCs. :) Looking forward to this update!!!!! RAWR!
Hey Nato, yeah it looks like that though maybe slightly more square :P since how its actually made in the game is done kind of odd lol.

Updated a lil more.
Good Job Teka!
Yut Put.. You're not the only one! Tim is killing me everytime I see new maps. I want to play. :P
I can tell you guys that the map is almost completely finished for 1.1 so far, just need to throw a few more NPC's around and its good to go =) I think your going to love it.
I already loved it. :) Looking forward to playing it already. :D
Wow, this is really nice. :) I can't wait to play again.
Lion isn't the only one. I've been pestering Tim about when it's coming up for the longest.. I feel bad about bothering him so much.. lol.
I'm late but, the map is still amazing c: i stare in.....AWE!!!
Wait 'til you see the game itself.. Mindblowing. o.o I'm ready to shoot myself if I don't play the game by the end of this week lol.
Can't wait to mark those maps with my urine. It's going to sound feminine when it hits the desert sand but it will smell manly.
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