Happy birthday to my Moogie who turned 62 this week...  That would be my mom.  We enjoyed Star Trek: Deep Space 9.  She doesn't call me Rom.

Happy Halloween to everyone else because my next post won't be until November.  I suggest celebrating with a collection of short films.  Various indies release tales of terror around this time of year.  The ABCs of Death collection comes to mind, but I'll avoid linking here because there's sometimes nudity obscuring the good clean violence.  Here's an untested YouTube search instead.

Within BYOND

After months of previews on the Silk Games blog, version 1.52 of their retro MORPG NEStalgia has been released.  It provides skill trees, revamped moon blessings, an NPC who resets skill points, a will system for soldiers, a credit system for merchants, animations, hotkeys and more.  Try it out and be sure to make the team aware of any bugs.

The official podcast will no longer be available on YouTube.  It can instead be found on various distribution services such as iTunes.

Aaiko's massive update to acorn-exploding Feval action has been released as well.  It offers unlockable items, an in-game shop to customize avatars, a new lobby system, new medals and more. Go help test the beta! =)

Rise Of The Pirates is now in open testing with a server and trailer up as I type.  I've been seeing snippets of the team's MORPG for a while, but there never seemed to be enough at once to mention...  You know, other than the large post of screenshots which had to be pointed out to me through the pager and Facebook. ;)

Danlee13 has released a two-button arcade game called Slidevade.  Players earn points by avoiding obstacles as they steer their elongated avatar downwards.  The standings are steering me in the same direction since my last session.

After hosting a competition with his implementation of the knight's tour, Lugia319 released a player versus player version called Law of the Board.  (This is not to be confused with Acebloke's chess variant collection.)  Players take turns trying to land on each other and destroy their movement opportunities.  More projects have been announced.

Lige and Branks updated their chase and evade game Jail Em! with bug fixes.  A server is up as a type this, but reaction to the round-based competition has been unsatisfactory enough to make Lige change the format of Invasion to an action RPG.  Character creation for the latter has been redesigned with the possibility of a demo after the combat is finished.

Falacy's treasure defense game Guardians has been updated.  Along with bug fixes and minor interface tweaks, class upgrade costs were changed and a method for quickly selecting unit types with the mouse was added.

Vexonator appears to have released multiple updates to the turn-based fantasy Surreal Dreams.  There are no release notes, but the forum reveals threads of feedback from players such as Xaddgx and Admiral Palleon.  Expect to find bug fixes and balance tweaks.

Vocal_nebula has been working of a game called simply BYOND Football.  As pictured, he has participated in the US sport himself.  Videos have been posted.  The core AI can now block, run, dodge and tackle.

F0lak has described the next version of his team's MORPG Hazordhu II.  Redesigning much to use BYOND's new pixel movement, animals shall have a herd mentality, crafting shall involve a new type of object, projectiles shall move faster and various types of content shall be offered.  Thankful for the support over the past 5 years, players have been told to expect something special for the anniversary.

Edit: Or not. In the comments below, El Wookie and TheGiftedSlayer provided a forum post telling a less optimistic fate.

After its fangame conversion, Stevenw9's medieval martial arts MORPG Chi Online has been merged into a more science fiction-oriented project currently called My RPG.  The constant features are their open sandboxes and focus on world generation.  A video of various solar systems has been provided.

Amongst sidescrolling platformer mockups and the loss of his Zombies! source, Kumorii has been sharing his team's progress on the horror survival Feed.  While implementing barricades and status effects, they've taken on Raimo as a new artist programmer.  Fans are being asked to contribute zombie and weapon ideas.  A beta test was hosted on Wednesday.

DungeonDan has been developing a shooter called Mission X with (from what I can make of the comments) the help of Albro1 and Megablaze.  The project's game-in-a-day goal has not been met, but various art selections have been posted on DungeonDan's blog.  The most recent is the screenshot pictured.

Still working on the demo, Makeii has provided another screenshot of his action RPG Magus Aora - Edreoll.  Players shall defeat the guardian of Novice Island to get a magic lantern powered by "Spheara" which shall allow them to climb the tower.

After displaying the physics for a project in the Breakout genre called Breach, Oasiscircle began developing a game called Corsair with the help of Yut Put, UPD4T3 and Nanoman2.  The most recent video makes it look like a form of RTS.  Descriptions of the units are available.

Bravo1 announced an upcoming space RTS called Dark Sea.  It will offer a persistent universe with customization options and the ability to merge fleets with other players.  A video is included.

Spend half an hour with the DMcast crew (minus Akto) as they discuss the latest version of BYOND, Forum_account's libraries and more. Then check the rest of their blog for video demonstrations and their new Video Forge project...  I don't know whether we're supposed to dislike the YouTube videos to continue their standard of contrary ratings. ;)

BYOND Journalism has Higoten questioning menu bars and reading habits while Magnum2k and EnigmaticGallivanter search for six judges.  Judges for what?  Judges for the Journalism Choice Awards who shall explain their reasoning as they assign points to various categories.

Beyond BYOND

Save me some candy!

Don't settle for a brief mention of activity.  Get games featured!  (Want to review?)

Good job as always!
Great job! I appreciate the shout out as well ;)
Sorry to dissapoint, but Hazordhu will not be receiving any updates, and is instead shutting down. I would provide a link if I could remember where it was on their forum for the life of me.

No news for me? D:
On the Captain Jameson thing, the $9 also nets you access to Captain Succesor and Captain Impostor, both of which are really great games with their own gimmick.
*Raimo was hired for programming rather than art.
@El Wookie, TheGiftedSlayer: Ouch!

@Kumorii: Ah, the statement about the start screen and border threw me.

Updated, thanks. =)
@UPD4T3: You're in at least two of the groups posted! I saw the art snippets, but all I know about your Out Of Ammo! zombies is they might be junkies. ;)
Normally I wouldn't have said anything but this was probably my busiest two weeks! I posted four libraries (one, two, three, four), a demo, and updated a library.
ACWraith wrote:
@UPD4T3: You're in at least two of the groups posted! I saw the art snippets, but all I know about your Out Of Ammo! zombies is they might be junkies. ;)

tru story.
Great as always!
Regarding Hazordhu II: Every few months F0lak has an episode in which he claims a loss of motivation with emphatic dramaticism. He subsequently resumes work as if nothing had happened. No stock should be put into the relevant forum post.
Also; The Zombies! source was found.
@Forum_account: I thought you were rather busy as well. However, I've already made a point of trying to focus on games and then sliding in library updates from the same developer. That's how the "game and tangent" remark in #21 resulted from the comments of #20.
Eksadus wrote:
Regarding Hazordhu II: Every few months F0lak has an episode in which he claims a loss of motivation with emphatic dramaticism. He subsequently resumes work as if nothing had happened. No stock should be put into the relevant forum post.

Eksadus is right, this does happen quite a bit. In the roughly three years I have played Haz, I've seen him "quit" many times. Although he made a post, that doesn't immediately make it gospel truth.

(For those of you who might need proof of this actually happening, this is a forum post created shortly after a time he left):

(I posted this because I cannot seem to find the original announcement of him "leaving" in March for it was likely removed since he ended up coming back within a week of "leaving for good")
I thought BYOND and Within does not show updates on anime games? Why is rise of the pirates there?
@Avainer1: I have not played, but it's supposed to be a conversion. Pride Ravanok stated they were switching to their own IP back in August.
It will still be a fan game, I am sure.
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