Working on some pixel art, I've drawn a canvas of a woman. Tell me what you guys think.

Update Note 1 - Thanks for the input, Zane. Don't know what I was thinking with the previous one. It's my first time doing something like this for a human body, so it was bound to have a lot of flaws. I've worked to fix some of them - any criticism is welcome.

Update Note 2 - Fixed some of the pixels on the arms and made the waist a bit more curvy.

Update Note 3 - Decided to do a bit more detail on the hair. Hope you guys like it.

Update Note 4 - So the bra was stupid - I fixed it a bit.

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Eww Hishido dont post your hentai icons
Avainer1 wrote:
Eww Hishido dont post your nice hentai icons

The face needs work. Too small I believe. She looks like she is wearing pampers. I suggest at looking at female underwear for some reference. Or ask your mom for some. *Trollface* (Jokes)

But it's looking good overall.
Why are her legs open?
Her breasts are the size of her head. Aside from that, somewhat anatomically accurate I suppose
Tensa Soul wrote:
Why are her legs open?

Because she's ready.
Her breast are held a bit too high, and quite a lot larger than her face. Maybe lower the angle of the legs so that they are closed a bit more.

Other than that, nice.
#1 arms too short-bring them down midway to her thigh.

her posture is somewhat awkward,try adding abit more curve to her waist and closer her legs.

the shoulders are too broad.

the bra cups are too high seems like she has a pair of coconuts under her bra imo.

the legs are alittle too long and the feet are too small for a woman of that size.
Mom: "What are you doing?"
Son: Nothing...
Mom: What is that pic?
Son: It's my pic okay?! I drew it! So leave me alone!
Mom: .... -backs away from the room, falls down the stairs-
Dad: Why can't you just let your son have happy time in peace?
The bra rides up too high.
I love the CSS, You guys made for me. Couldnt have whant it any other way. Thank you Obsidian Gaming <3,Thanks also for the cheap price <3