Another Day At School - Demo

by GreatFisher
Another Day At School - Demo
Messy, Empty school... Solve puzzles and figure out what happened.
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This is the first demo version of my entry to D-cire's game in 2 weeks competition lol. Just shows off the basic layout of the game and the concepts.

The game is by no means finished and the interface and game mechanics are not finished, I know the interface is very cut and short looking and it will most likely be changed.

The Story:
You play a 15 year old boy named Johny, He arrives at school thinking this will be another boring day at school. Then... he walks in to discover an empty school that is a mess beyond help. He decides to investigate and that is where you take over.
It's alright, you can't close bag once opened. it's abit unique in some parts
You can and i have added another close bag button actually in the bag, to stop people getting confused liek this.
Loved the game, neat what you can do with something simple. People like simple games, I'd love to have a hand in development.
Sorry it's a competition entry as I said and I want to be able to cliam the prize for myself lol.