Star Wars: The Old Republic

by 2Saruman2
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars Roleplaying game in Progress.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I dont OWN star wars or anything that lucasarts developed,
like icons of milineum falcon etc, this is just fanmade game.
Please support the Official Release


Star Wars: Old Republic.
Roleplaying Game.

Its time of peace, everywhere except for trouble with usual problems, concerning pirates, bounty hunters hutts, and such.

Othervise no problems could be seen, or heard about..while senat on corrusant is still continuing on their..diplomatic solutions for continuing peace..dark whispers and rumors are spreading across galaxy..that dark force is rising.

What could that .."Dark Force" be..join The Old Republic and change the way of future.

You could be very savior of galaxy..or..bring chaos upon it.

The yours.


Some people paged me about what era it insted of paging everyone il simply tell here.

Era is set when Darth Revan defeated malak...revan left to "unknown" regions to fight .."real" sith.. so bassicly its era after revan left..republic is bassicly rebuilding right now after malak's invasion if you can call it that..and thats as much as i can tell from here players are going around continuing on this era.


2Saruman2 - Coding/Icons
Dazzer - Coding/Icons
Kole13 - Icons
This game is the shit
hey i noticed the game has been down since last night i am a 24/7 lagless host and a player let me know if u need a host.
Kk, thank you for offer.
Will think about it.
SSvegeta76 wrote:
I might as well post this seeing this has a small sliver of going through but I asked if another game I was simultaneously RPing on crashed and got banned for advertising. I didn't mean to advertise I was just asking If it was down If you let me back on I won't do it again. Please may I have another Chance and here is my IC name Leon Storm. and this is my Key.

Awsome game I will ask to see if you can get unbanned