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This week I've had 3 updates to Wargames with various updates. You can see what's new below. More interesting however, is a give-away prize of a Year Subscription to Wargames and Wargames 2. All you need to do is win the 2-week-long currently hosted game! The Winner at the end of the game will be decided by the Country with the most land. In the event of a tie, it will be decided by a points system based on the Leaders board (3 points for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd).

Current Subscribers are exempt and in the event of this happening it will move to the highest ranking non-Subscriber.

Here is a roundup of all 3 updates:

* Fix: Fixed potential unpun delay loophole when joining or creating an alliance.
* Change: Elephants now die more vs anti-infantry artillery, and sometimes vs anti-tank artillery.
* Change: Units in the 'Gun' and 'Gun Cavalry' Categories has been nerfed, to represent the obvious technological advantage of modern guns over early guns.
- Units remaining in the 'Gun' category is Arquebusier, Musketeer, Rifleman, Brute and the Gun Janissary.
* Change: MoW is now back to just showing units of eras you've reached, but also starting from Ancient era and stepping up.
* Change: Some more improvements to # handling in combat. Largely background, -45kb code change which effects little by the time it compiles and zips. Does make run game faster though.
- Only downside to this change, is it does some of the work as you start the world up. It might take 10-20 seconds to respond. Intending to improve this further.
* Change: Doubled the # of units a helipad/airfield can support to make air units more viable, rather than 8/16/24 (unupgraded/once/twice) it is now 16/32/48.
* Change: You now need at least one Government Building to access Ministries.
* New: New 'Auto Gun' Category, pretty much replaces the effectiveness of the old 'Gun' category as the main late-era infantry type.
- Units included in this new category are the WW2 Paratrooper, PostWW2 Assault Infantry and the Modern era Modern Infantry.
* New: New Units: Decided to add some more Elephants into the game to make the 'Heavy' unit type last a bit longer. Also some Region specialisation and one new future era unit:
- Improved Elephant: Early Middle Age Heavy unit.
- Armoured Elephant: Late Middle Age Heavy unit.
- Eurocopter AS565 Panther: Post WW2 Helicopter for Europe.
- Eurocopter Tiger: Modern era Helicopter for Europe.
- Mercurius: Future era Helicopter for all users.
* New: Ministerial Council button for advice; adds in a new feature to advise you on nation specific details. Clicking on the buttons next to them will activate the relevent ministry.


* New: Tundra Terrain allows you to gain x1.3 defence the largest available, at a painstaking 50% resource rate across the board. For those that want a challenge.
* New: Subscribers can now alter interface colours in game via "Custom Theme" in the Subscriber menu.

* Fix: Improvements to combat background calculation improved further. This is an attempt to check if this is causing the freezing.
* Fix: One message from the War Minister would break, messaging "We won" instead of a message regarding PUN status.
* Change: Ministerial Council button doesn't update every turn, this is in an attempt to check if this is causing the freezing.
* Change: Additional countermeasure added to hopefully stop turns freezing.
* Change: 'Citizens Opinion' box now randomises its output much like the Ministerial Council does.


* Change: Custom Interface now includes an option to change the background tile colour (4 available=Green,Blue,Red,Grey).

* Change: Ended the crippling food costs for units since denomination so its a tenth of before.
* Change: Changed research names when ticking down to make sense.
* New: Minor, clicking on background of a Ministry will let you close out of it.
* New: Alliance trading is now menioned in the Alliance Chat menu.


* Change: Tundra terrain now has 200% oil instead of 50% across the board to make it a bit easier and realistic.
* Change: Flags of Nation States is now split into two sections, much like MoW and MoI.
* New: 27 new Nation flags of more regions: Oceania, North Africa, Caribbean, Central and South America.
Wargames is a very good game. The only reason why I do not play anymore is that it's time consuming. But updates are always nice!
Yeah, it sucks your life :p
I personally would keep the sound off cause when I play I'm usually also listening to music or playing something else also. Nice list of update material!