"Cause they'd fill the open air And leave teardrops everywhere" - Fireflies

Hello, Another Update on BlockWorld

I've Added Leaderboards/Standings to Blockworld only available on Hardcore Mode, the Score will be equalled up by the finishing level time & bonus for activity or skill & level that player finished on

I'm Planning to fix this Jump & Hover Glitch as it only appears when switching platforms or dropping from a height, I might refer it to Forum_Account as BlockWorld is using his Pixel Movement

Future Ahead! well considering players don't think my levels are hard enough, I'm going to make a create, share & play feature allowing players to make there own creations, Share them online & let people play them instantly all within the game

Are you using the Pixel Movement library or the Sidescroller library?

If you have a question about using either, just post a description of the problem on my forum: