The Olympians

by Chwgt
The Olympians
Journey through a fun R-PVP world of Greek and Roman Mythology.
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Just stopping in to post an update for all of you not in the loop.

Gotten a-lot of sprite work done, still a-lot more to go but I knocked a good chunk off the list.

Capture The Flag(Tactical Warfare)

Just started this system, but the concept thus far is:

You have two teams, Red and Blue, for now since there is only 3 Godly parents it will just split the group evenly as possible for teams. Once more parents are implemented it will get a little more varied. Each group of players(IE: Zeus' kids, Poseidon's kids etc etc) will have the chance to be one of the leading groups, depending on what group captured the flag previously. Other groups can form alliance's with the leading groups or try to go at it alone.

Each team will have a 'General' who will; during the time allotted before the event will chose where to build their Base. He can then place the flag or give the duty to someone else. Two ways to win are by either capturing the flag or defeating the general of the team.

Preview of hidden team base that you can generate on the map.

Piece Armor System.

My idea for this is simple. Everyone can buy leather armor. But to get better armor you have to buy the 'pieces' of armor. IE: Your wearing leather armor and will always have the leather armor on as a 'padding layer' we will call it. You can get a whole set of armor pieces. Chest piece, Leg piece, Arm piece. You may then, mix and match for different boost's to your stats.

I've gotten a-lot more than that done and a-lot more planned. But it's 2:50 am and I don't feel like typing anymore. Check out the HUB; have a good day.