Pokemon Aurora

by Mechana2412
Pokemon Aurora
Retro PAU now being hosted!
It's been a long time since I last posted here; just renewed my membership so time to make my announcement post for a few of my projects.

First of all, the biggest announcement; my most popular game, Pokemon Aurora, is back in my own hands now. And for the past few months, I've been working on a complete recode: not a single line of code from the old game has been kept.

The game has been redesigned from the ground up with a new focus on economy, player content, higher production values, widescreen format, and an emphasis on the ability to play as both a Trainer and Pokemon with a split save file. There's more changes than I could ever possibly explain in one blog post--it's a completely new game basically--but you won't have to wait long to see for yourself.

The open beta for PAU Borealis will start within the next week! The beta will include a portion of the final map, along with most of the final features. Keep an eye out, and make sure to stop by to get some exclusive Beta Tester bonuses, like a unique account-bound Deoxys Statue to put up in your house!

PAU Borealis full release is being aimed for mid December, right in time for Christmas break for a good few of you.

In other news, I also have another game coming close to an initial release--in between bouts of programming the new PAU, I've been working on a team-base digging game called MineKingdoms. It's kind of a mix of Cow RP and my old game 30MinMiner; choose your class as a Miner or Warrior, and invade islands to capture control points and valuable above-ground resources. A King chosen for each team directs which projects to be worked on, as the team's castle grows bigger with better fixtures for refining and using resources.

Miners go underground, in a side-scroller perspective, digging up resources and placing conveyors/pulleys/machinery to help lift it back to the surface. Don't like mining? Grab a sword, bow, or staff made by your crafting teammates and use material-unique powers to tear apart ranks of opponents in squad-based combat.

The first release of MineKingdoms will come within a few weeks, so keep an eye out. No special beta rewards here, but hopefully you'll all have some fun while helping me refine the game mechanics and iron out any bugs.

So yeah. Lots of stuff going on. Will be working on a new CSS for here, based on the new grey/white motif. Expect that soon as well.

Until next time,

shame on you if you think i'ma read that wall of text
Akriloth wrote:
shame on you if you think i'ma read that wall of text

Akriloth wrote:
shame on you if you think i'ma read that wall of text

Congratulations on the membership renewal.

I'm not really a pokemon fan, however it'll be nice to see something released. I might take this as motivation to release something of my own rather soon.

I never played Cow RP nor 30MinMiner, however I do wish you luck on your new project as well as the old.