I spent a lot of time thinking about the last project I announced. I realized I probably wouldn't get it done, and even if I did, it would end up like my other two projects and never get updated. But then, I saw Gnomeheim in the My Documents folder and decided to play it just for the heck of it. Good thing I did, because it sparked a new idea.

What I'm thinking about is making a competitive real-time strategy game. I haven't decided yet, but there could possibly be a tower or some other main structure ( maybe a statute? ) that represents you. You then would have a maximum of 4 units, 1 hero unit, and 2 skills. Clicking the icon of the unit you want to dispatch on your HUD would cause them to spawn from out of your tower or whatever the case may be and automatically advance towards your opponents tower, battling any enemy units your opponent churned out along the way. Whoever destroys the opponents tower first wins.

Weaker units spawn in larger groups. For instance, level 1 imp units may spawn in groups of 5, while a high level dragon unit spawns in only one. This introduces a bit more strategy. The element of "when do I invest in dispensable pawn units, and when do I put my strongest units into play and go for the kill". Also, the skills I mentioned are skills that you as a player can use. Some may be a Hellfire skill that does 50 damage to all enemy units, or a Regeneration passive that gives all your units 1 HP per second. Finally, your Hero unit will have a high resource cost, but will be able to do a lot of damage and has one skill of his own ( that he will use at random, you can't control it ).

What will make the game interesting is the different possibilities and combinations. A lot of people say Warcraft succeeded because Blizzard knew how to create a game that had the perfect amount of simplicity and depth. And with this idea, I think I can achieve just that. A simple RTS that gains depth from several different unit and skill combinations. What also excites me about this project is that it is incredibly easy. I should be able to get a working game with placeholder sprites in like an hour or two, and I'm hoping that it will be so simple that updating it after it's finished won't be so boring and demotivating. I want to create a project that I will enjoy working on even after it's released.

So, with all that said, I posted this because I I recall someone saying it's beneficial to post game ideas like this instead of being paranoid of someone taking your concept because you can get feedback this way. If you guys have any questions or suggestions, let me know. I will begin work on this tomorrow afternoon some time, or whenever I get done with a few assignments, but I won't set another deadline for myself seeing as how I didn't meet my last one.

One question I have for you guys is how should people obtain new units, heroes, and skills? By gaining points and using them in some sort of in-game shop? By simply playing the game and unlocking them at random ( I think TF2 does this )?