Like I mentioned in my last post, I was able to simply reuse programming from Gnomeheim and make a prototype with placeholders in a short time. Here is what I've done so far. 9tQ2hRjBGKw

That was a fight between human soldiers and ogre brutes. I plan to animate the sprites so don't worry about the fights looking boring. The huge round base with the diamond is your Core. This has 100 HP, and if it's destroyed, you lose even if you have units still alive on the map. Also, each unit has 4 stats: Health, Damage, Resistance, and Speed. Those are all pretty self explanatory.

I'm really considering going back to my usual 25x25 sprite sizes and then making it retro. This is because I can make battles seem a lot more massive that way. I might make heroes 32x32, the cores 64x64 and keep everything else somewhere around the 25x25 mark.

I am also wondering if I should go into the whole magic damage, magic resistance thing or just keep things simple with just those 3 basic stats and give all spells a set amount of damage. I guess that's all for now. I might spend the rest of the day redoing these sprites, unless you think they are awesome, and then code all the units I can think of into the game tomorrow.
Looks great.
Cubanbling wrote:
Looks great.