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Zerok Kaiba has banned Knightday due to: Straight up tk
Rikudo Naruto
Rikudo Naruto
Rikudo Naruto
You said to put it in your shoutbox I just found out, if it's not too late, RIn'negan Sasuke.
I'd like Rikudo Naruto. Thanks.
Lmao, this guy posts a random pic off the internet trying to seem hot. Some of these things mix, but -all- of what im about to list dont. Frequent uset of the internet, hot, an admin on some low graphic game purely to have the power of being an admin. (Lets face it no one gets paid for admining.) Having medals that clearly show the person with said medals no lifes certain games. Im sure thiers more, but i cba to dig deeper then your page/profile. So i will let you think for yourself which of these are true, and which dont mix.
LOL just image searched this shit comes from a gay phone app called guy spy LOLOLOLOL