Keywords: bomber

Made this game in about 57 minutes in my Computer Aided Design class.
I didn't use any libraries or outside code snippets. Programmed it from a new environment, although you have no way to prove that so you'll just have to go by my own honor.
I find it strange how I work better when I'm rushed for time. I just decided that the hour I had I should challenge myself. (:

Arrow keys to move.
Z key to drop bomb on cross-hairs.

Get as many points as possible by destroying enemy factories and anti-air guns. Get extra lives by bombing golden eagles. You lose the game once you reach zero lives. When an anti-air gun reaches the end of the screen, it fires a flak shell and you lose one life. More anti-air guns and extra lives appear as you gain more score.
Neat ;)

Isn't a single player game? =)
This is pretty neat. Reminds me a bit of IainPeregrine's B17 game. Noticed some of the buildings and flak guns could spawn on top of each other and would flicker trying to maintain the top layer.
Lack of explosions when you shoot stuff made me lose interest. Good job though for an hour.
lmao, this is a great thing to look at.
How easy games can be awesome. I laughed when i opened it, just because so basic games can be so cool.

"fun" game. would be more awesome with a menu with upgrades and levels.