Naruto New Generation

by 981014
Naruto New Generation
Naruto New Generation Is Here On Byond!
Odko do u need any help and I got a best lagg protector form someone and give host files so I upload it on shell server
Xaine42 dont because it old
server back up!
can ya bring back these narutos like sage empire and new flame, and this one i love these types of naruto its graphic and gameplay is better than most
U guys don't have to from where I have to download I am too owner of this game just I am telling this to odko
omg for soo long its been offline but its bk uppppppp yepppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppyes yes yes yes
for some reason when i try to get on it always says failed at the end this game is awesome but its starting to suck i think im baned but for what reason and i also think it was odko plz read and check back thank you
your unbanned misake
hmmm looks good this is a game that my friend helped make so ima join it. oh and odko did u change account?
Yo blaise so u bak on byond
And odko don't u knw this kaguya guy goes go each nng src game and ruins it never ever belive on him
yeah buddy 981014 is my main account now
I Know i will trust him again and if he Messes it up I will FUCKEN BAN HIM FOR THE REST OF HIS LIKE.
Game down till the new hoster come on
when can we log back in?
It is up
lol u changed it again
I'm not sure if you guys support advertising, but someone just posted a link to this hub. I'm requesting that you all do not do that, I know you wouldn't want people doing it to you here. Thanks.

Oh, his key was Kage5000. Thanks again.
Sorry lavitiz my game needed players
so sorry

AND THE MAIN SERVER IS kid wick hosting server!!
THere will be everyone join KID WICKS SERVER IT IS THE MAIN SERVER
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