Who me? I don't do a lot of hiding posts. I mostly work on reviews for feature games or general listings. This means, my job is to play games. :D
Is whitespace and commentary included in this $0.25 price?

Personally, I think that charging 25 cents a line of code is fucking retarded on BYOND. You should be charging based off the individual clients wants and the amount of time that you'll spend working on those systems. Not to mention the fact that I see absolutely nothing here that says you have any programming experience at all, save for two Anime games listed as yours (which I'm biasly assuming you didn't write from scratch).

What sorts of systems do you have experience working with? What level of understanding do you have with the built-in functions of DM? What projects have you had experience working on and what experience did you gain from said projects? Do you have any credible references I can contact? Can you explain some basic principles of programming for me if asked to assure me that you have a firm grasp of the language? Would you be willing to write a preliminary program for me meant to show me your programming habits and work ethic (organization, modularity, consistency, commentary)?

As a potential employer, these are all things I'd like to know. You can contact me with an e-mail to [email protected]
I've added you to my MSN. I can give you demos of what I can do with programming when you add me. White space isn't priced, no. Also, programming is programming, regardless of which language it's made in (And I can do C, C+, HTML, CSS, Delphi and Java.) It takes time and effort to write a decent program, and 0.25$ is very cheap considering others' prices. I can guarantee a professionally designed code at a very low cost. Also, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia (BIS[Multimedia]). Regardless, let me know if you have MSN.
I was extremely happy with the work done, only downside I saw was that it costs money(but better than some people's cost I mean I was once told someone would make me a base for 200 dollars I'm sorry I don't care how much it has no base is worth 200 dollars) I'll probably be a returning customer.
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