Hello everyone! Tired of not being able to host. Well so am I! But I have found a solution! It's called Hamachi. It's a program that is FREE that allows people to connect to a virtual private network. It makes it act like everyone is on the same local area network. You can get this program at

IMPORTANT: With Himachi people will be able to browse through any folders on your computer that are set to shared. So before using hamachi take sharing off any folders you don't want anyone to see. That way you privacy is safe. [EDIT]Please read my other post on how to be safe while on Himachi, you can make it so people can't browse you: index.cgi?action=message_read&id=453871&forum=7[/EDIT]

Server name: BYOND
Server password: BYOND

- once you get hamachi log into that server, caps do matter.
- If we can get everyone on BYOND to get this program then everyone's hosting problems will be solved.
- In order for people to beable to join you they'll need this program as well.

Himachi gives you your own unique IP on the server(BYOND/BYOND) you join. To have people join your game they have to be on the same Hamachi server. They just need to connect to your unique IP and then the BYOND port. HimachiIP:PORT

You can also see who's in the Network and if they are logged on or not. You can message people in it as well. If you don't want people messaging you or stuff, you can block them.
I use Hamachi- it's useful.
Im setting it up now
Seems like a hassel for all to get it, but meh, I'll install it.
Any easy way to find out all your folders that are shared?
um... not sure, I could tell you which folders are shared once you ot it, if there is a hand under a folder it means it's shared. Your C drive may be shared, same with your documents, you may want to check those first.
But How Do I Launch A Server With This ?