Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
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So the buttons on the title screen don't line up and the title screen looks like a png from google off some anime I never heard of. "Oh boy, here we go." I said to myself thinking this was going to be another crudely pieced together game, "the HUB sprite work looked nice, guess it's just fake." I continued to think in my head. Holy, hot damn was I wrong.

This game is still in development so there's not that much to say about it. But hot damn does it look good and better yet, perhaps through dark magic, plays pretty well. The game does away with the crappy built-in interfaces of byond and has only custom nice looking and functioning menus and GUI. At least for the most part, some buttons don't do anything yet but you can tell what they're designed for from the icons.

This project has a lot of potential to be a great hack-and-slash time sink. Speaking of hack-and-slashing, the fight procs use fully animated moves which makes even the act of what will be ultimately grinding at least nice to look at and exciting.

To emphasize how well it's put together, upon reaching the edge of a screen you never see the black and endless void upon area transitions. Something that may be overlooked and taken for granted but really looks better and is not distracting. Crisp and Clean.

The only issue I have, and it is understandable on part of the author, is the lack of sound; this stands out a lot cause the menu buttons generate sound so I suspect sounds for a lot more things are in the works. I will be keeping a close eye on this one. Really, all I have to really say is good job on a good game base. I would of like to see a control schematic thrown up somewhere, but it was pretty easy to find what keys did what, the basic A and S for some combat-combos.

Really good looking game- plays nicely and simply. The review is a tad short cause well, there's not that much content in the game itself, but where it lacks in quantity it makes up for so much in quality. Keep an eye out for this and check it's beautiful ass out.

So go forth, and beautifully punch beautiful animals in their beautiful faces.
Just to let you know, that title screen is purely Zane's pixel art.
I realized that, I just wrote that for comedic poirposes.
Ah okay. I thought you were being serious. Lol
And also the game isn't complete so I think a review should wait till more content is actually added..
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If it's public people look at it, I warned people it's bare-bones but still worthy of a gander.
First of all i'd like to thank you our first review! I'm happy you enjoyed your first & early experience of Spirit Age.

We've held back on including content to make sure that everything added gets the time to be tested and improved, to get farther ahead and have a shaky history would be too costly. So even though some may have been disappointed with the lack of player content, the results of the last week's worth of testing has allowed me to improve the engine a lot more than I had expected.

We do have an update which is focused on player content coming in with v0.2 (& it's iterations) later this week, so you may look forward to that, also if you'd like to know what's been done in the past week you can check out the update log for Spirit Age v0.1 here; http://www.byond.com/forum/?post=1205040
Nice, I like the platforming mechanic.