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by Falacy
Because BYOND.
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I'll keep this simple and awesome, like this particular game. The pixel-based mechanics are really smooth and shuts up people spewing the myth of "omg dat lag u". On top of it is myth shattering it is a fun time sink.

Clean. Simple. Fun. These are things you want when making a game, and Falacy, say what you will, always brings the polish (no that's not people from Poland).

It plays very similar to Realm of the Mad God and that is fine and dandy- as there's a few mechanics and stylistic differences to set them apart.

Even with it being pretty well polished there's "coming soon" and "in the works" notations but progress seems a little slow- and quick peak into the forums section reveals a 3D version on unity which looks appealing.

Personally I like the current 2D hectic feel. If you're ever bored at work making money or bored in school learning, just play this instead.
Did you try the dungeons?
I was in some but didn't take any screenshots.

I would of kept going but my entire byond crashed, not sure why. Someone in game said it was cause of the super large font in chat but that sounds pretty dumb and not likely.
Every time I log on, the whole screen is black. I'm able to chat but nothing else...

Edit-- Now it just shows the play button and the image in the background(which seems to move for 2 seconds before freezing)but every time i click play nothing happens.

Also, sorry for posting here, not sure where I should be posting this.
Do you have a slow connection? You are probably downloading the resources
How can I check the progress if I'm downloading the resources? Usually you just click the game icon in the upper left corner no? But it doesn't have the usual options.

I also managed to join the game after clicking "play" but once again it froze soon after. I don't have the best computer but I never had this problem with a byond game.

Edit-Also, I noticed that this error pops-up sometimes when I join the server.

Unrecognized or inaccessible verb: ResetSliderPercent

Not sure if that's relevant to me not being able to play.
Most BYOND games preload resources, but that causes problems when connecting from my non-BYOND launcher. BYOND does not handle downloading resources elegantly, and seems to pause in-game graphics when any file is being downloaded (in this case, most likely the large audio files). I set a resource package to download from the website, which I thought helped with the problem (and also downloads through the pre-game launcher), but if people are still freezing for long periods of time, then I might have to try yet another fix.

EDIT: BYOND doesn't provide a way to track downloads, to then display their progress to players. Downloads used to be displayed on the status-bar (the only useful feature of the status-bar), but for some reason it was removed. It is displayed on the Options & Messages window, but having windows forms pop up over the game isn't very appealing, and as I mentioned, there is no way to even track when displaying the window would be relevant.