So, I got bored with the games on byond, which, explains my sometimes long absence from it. So, I decided to take up coding. I've had this idea for awhile now, but I never knew where to start. Turns out, it isn't that hard after all. This game will probably just be my learning experience, but once I become more prepared to script a game, I'd like to come back to it and make it more fun. So, let me explain a bit about the game and such.

Roman Wars
Basically, it's a game set back in the roman time. You would have a emperor, and other officials. You would control a great city, and could control pretty much everything about it. It would be a RP game, but on the first release, I expect it to be PVP, due to my lack of DM knowledge. Anyway! You'd basically take the role of an Emperor, Gladiator, or anyone else back in that time! You can become anything you want. You can fight for glory, or fight for your own dark causes. In the end, it should be a very diverse game. I hope to see some people helping me along in the near future.

***Staff Needed***
I could use some iconners, and preferably a coder to help me out on this. The coder wouldn't do everything, just help me along to learn more about the DM language. *So, a coder and a teacher*
Thanks guys!
Nice to hear, Anyways I could help with some iconing.
Thanks. I could use some orginal bases.
I need a White,Tan,Black Female and male.
Must have Attack, knock out, rest (Meditate). Can you do those?
Yes, i will get them all done by the end of the week.
Thanks a bunch. Didn't want to rip any icons from somewhere.
I've got the base male icon done, and here is the link to it. And I have the basic movement's done.
I've added the full animations ext, I have also finished the Dark skinned male also, I will get the female work done by Friday.
I can help teach you, grasshopper.