Whew! I've been pondering over something for four hours now, but I got it, which is a great step forward! Turns out, after about the third a half hour, I just turned it off, competent that I wouldn't be able to get it to work. This was my problem.
***So, if I got coded Admin to work, it would turn the screen black, but if I wanted you to pick your race/gender it wouldn't give out coded admin***
Solution! Get the race/gender to work. Add in a naming system on log-in, with a few restrictions. (Yes, that means no names nooby names!) It suddenly started working again! So far, I'm making good progress for my fourth day of learning to code.

V0.1: Added base communications, race/skin tone chooser, coded admin, name chooser, attack verb, one weapon, one piece of armor, death checker, some base funtions.

******BUG REPORTS*******
So, without a experienced coder at my side, I can't understand how to get more than one icon to become equipped at once. I had to have a different variable for each type of equipment. So, when I equip a dagger (First one done) It shows up. But when I equip my shield, it says equipped and nothing happens. This seems to be my only bug right now! Updates soon to come!

Coders: Killermankiller
Thanks to: Registe95, for attempting to find me a coder than can help on the project, letting me focus on working on the project.

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I plan on finishing the meditation (Resting ) Training and Knocked out icons, and of course a dead icon.
the day after I cant do anything, but the next day I should finish it up, then on the same day i can make the darker toned skin ones .
Finishing those tonight?
Alright, I don't need the icons in a rush.
Add me on msn though at [email protected]
Hey bro, I will play your game today when I get home from work and see if it can be listed. If not, we'll work on it and see what we gotta do to make it listable.

Edit: You need a membership! ;)