Well, I had one while I was reading one of "Forum_Account"'s blog posts about motivation. It had been the only one I bothered reading, since it was more or less short (which is sad) but it made me realize that "organization is key".

It made me realize that it was the reason why I don't know what to do next with my project(s). It made me realize why I've been losing motivation. It made me realize most of all that I need to get things organized... but how? Well, I'll figure that out. Probably not today, or in the next week (maybe though), I truly don't know.

Things will change, and I'm working on methods, reading other blogs, learning from example, etc. I'm not really a great Project Manager, and never wanted to be such a thing, it was always just dumped on me because I was the more "Leader material". I'm gonna take steps to become proficient in that field.

This is not to say that Out of Ammo! was ever on hiatus, lol. Just undergoing some long-needed organization.
You sir need to watch more porn. Porn teaches you about life and organization.
Thanks for reading the article. It's good to hear that the articles are making sense to people.

Most of the other articles are about different ways to be organized. If there's any topic in particular you'd like to hear about, I'm open to suggestions.
I think you should just join the development team and help me organize everything. I learn better by example.