Fairy Tail: Battle Of The Guilds

by SNS Production
Join a Guild, make friends, or Be on your own its your decision. learn magic from classes or from random sources

Based of the Series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima. This game is set to be Pvp with possibility of a StoryLine later on.

Owners- SakoSuke,Sharingan92
Interface Designer- :SakoSuke
Guild Master Rule: must be on at least 3/7 days a week,take position seriously.
Ill Be An GM For You If U Want Im An Fairytail Fan BUt i Only Read Manga
Curious to know how this game is progressing lol. Do you guys have a forum or anything of the sort? There's a lot of potential for this, even if it has to be spread by word-of-mouth due to being funimation.
Hey I have a fairy tail game of my own though its incomplate because i quit it due to not having another dev. But i had a iconner who did. Panter Lily class and NPC For me like Gray,Natsu,Lucy and all of them were really good.
So i hope that you decide to put this up even though it will only be in the rejected pile. i know for a fact that i will continue to play it.
Trust me this game is going up
wth how do u have Sora already there XD
Omfg. Finally a Fairy Tail game, hopefully I will become staff of this game. It looks like this game is going somewhere. I can't wait for this Wednsday and for it to be actually up.
Are they any Grand Magic Games events available? or the Magic Council
No Gmg yet, the council i havent figured out how i wanna do just yet
Is this game still in production or have you guys quit?

I'm looking for a fairy tail game to play.
Looks like they're looking for an iconner, according to the closed testing server's title.
If i dont find iconners the game might get dropped
Tried using the classifieds? The problem with finding iconners is that there's so many of them, and the better 90% of them are crappy ones :/
most of the people i met, either cant icon, dont have the time or they just dont wanna work on a reject game
Funny thing is, it's not a reject game--it's just that Funimation won't allow their stuff to be hosted on BYOND, which is ridiculous since it's free publicity. lol.
I agree, it's thanks to byond that i even heard of some animes/Mangas
Sakosuke,I cant play..it always says Connection Failed.
My computer is having some issues, ima fix it soon
SakoSuke, if you want, I can host the server while you fix your computer. I love Fairy Tail, and would love to host a server for it. Contact me at my Pager. :o
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