Stop trolling this guys.
I'll comment when I have the proper time for this. So, yeah... Expect this post in January!

- Jade
The people who disliked this are the trolls.
Hey just wanted to ask if your still working on that new naruto game?? hope you guys are (:
Totally wrong thread to ask, kiddo. However, I do believe the project has been scrapped for original projects.
Have you guys closed the account, or something? I search for obsidian gaming on byond, and no results come up. Also, all of the games linked to your hub have dissapeared, so I had to google you to get to this xD
@ TheDarkMemory

No, we haven't closed the account. Bleach Odyssey Roleplay was de-listed (Probably because it was offline for more than a month) and we removed Naruto Evolution ages ago.

At the moment I'm working on Bleach Odyssey 2. You can contact me on hotmail ([email protected]) if you want to play its demo.

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