Naruto Shinobi Warriors

Naruto Shinobi Warriors
Naruto Shinobi Warriors, a Byond Classic started more than 9 years ago with Izou, passed down from Ghost-Nin, to Sindeas, to Shinobi the Flash, and now to Axel and Spev!
Why is it that the jutsus look as if its a Dragonball Z game if that was to be changed back the way it was before which back in the day with Bloodmen Wholeinthesky Jin and others the game would be alot better
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I'm not sure if you know this, but it was actually Ghost (Wholeinthesky) who did the changes to the jutsus. He owns a DBZ game and used his icons for it. Not sure why, though.
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IMTHEBADEST - Im an owner of naruto clash of power and i just wanted to say.. Go f**k yourself... OK so he spammed in your game, big deal but you dont have to go to our game and then make fun of him or any staff. This game is not good anyway. just one of the s**ttiest games i ever seen.. So dont act all high and mighty because you are not, you are the one who talks bullshit and does a really bad job at maintaining a game.. All you could have done is wrote that message to him in person and not make fun of him through the games hub. So next time think what you are doing, and have a look at what you are typing because he is not the jerk, but you are writing that message.
Imantas2 - As an Owner, you should probably know not to judge a game by its cover. Coming on here and calling our game shit is entirely unnecessary. We had beef with your staff member because he spammed our game. You, as the Owner, should confront this admin for spamming our game instead of retaliating, believing that he is right for assaulting another game.

On a side note, your game is the 11th game I've seen with those textures and icons, and the same boring drab system. I can't play for 10 seconds without an announcement displaying the HUB and Forums. There's zero indication on what to do, and the admin are less than helpful; if they're even on. Please, re-evaluate before you call another game shit.
I logged in and asked if this was a rip of Izou and they said "No, the original owner of NSW bought the Izou source from the original, first owner of Izou." what a load of crap. smh... You guys will never get anymore players if your just gonna lie to your player base. Oh and for the record, your "Small Description" says this game is 10+ years old... Do the math. The very first HUB page was under WholeintheSky and was created in 2006, it is now 2014. At the very LEAST, it could only be 8 years old at best.
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Ghost Nin (Wholeinthesky) along with one other person was given the Izou source from XZDog, and he continued the game under Izou for I believe a year (don't quote me on that). They were both given permission to use the source. After several years of Ghost being the primary owner of the Izou source, which was made into "Naruto: Shinobi Warriors", he passed it down to Sin (Sindeas), the very first admin he ever had when the game went live. It was then passed down to Shinobi the Flash (IMTHEBADEST) and myself, though I do not have the personal time anymore to further the games progress. If you have any further questions or concerns about the game itself, feel free to PM me and I will answer to the best of my abilities.
In case anyone is wanting it dont mean to spam but Sasukehawk is falsly accusing me of selling there source so now I am publicly releasing it Just trying to get it out there feel free to delete this comment with no hard feelings
put it back up!!!
Hey its Daizen here, id love for you guys to put this back up sometime. I wouldnt mine doing it myself if i could get the source and instructions. Cheers old friends.

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My email if anyone wishes to follow up my comment.
When will the game go back up?
Spev.. Shinobi.. You cheeky motherfuckers "oh yeah I'm spev I dunt lie I swear server will be up tomorrow" boy its been like two weeks what the hell.
Sooo... when can someone send out these host files tho D=. Such a good game T.T.
Yo Spev, any thoughts on bringing this game back to life?