I appreciate this feature and would enjoy seeing it continue.
I do hope you continue this, its often the only source I have on what other people are making.

Also congrats with NEStalgia being in PC Gamer, regardless of how well the Indi games Festival goes being printed in a popular national magazine is awesome.
Also, I wanted to get Defcon for ages, I have CD copies of Darwinia and Multiwinia and always wanted to collect the set. I do hope they finish the other game they were developing about robbing banks and stuff cause that looks awesome.

Edit: I ended up getting the other indie pack as well for Really Big Sky and Eufloria, God I'm such a sucker.
That guy is not getting anywhere near $2000 for a Byond game.
lol. think positive orange...
Been a while. When's the next one, AC?
I think he stopped >.< and if he didnt then I also wanted to talk about more changes I have made to my game.... inclluding a name change to further distance myself from the fan site...
Something like BYOND and Within is more necessary than ever. With the new site layout, all posts can be found from the same portal (the forums). However, it is, and will continue to be cluttered due to the nature of the amount of activity that happens on BYOND. Things like feature requests and bug reports are in a much more prominent place on the site now. I can see how the casual BYONDer would be overwhelmed with all the activity.
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