SuperAntx wrote:
That is exactly what you were questioning earlier, a button to toggle link functionality.
I was mainly questioning your suggested implementation of having to hold ctrl to activate links. If its going to get overly complicated just to support the simple action of clicking a link sent through an on-screen chat system, then it'd probably be better if left out completely.

> How you toggle the links on and off is irreverent.
It surely isn't, and seems to be the entire discussion at this point...
This is an awesome feature! Thank you. I've been playing around with the image embedding and i noticed the width and height properties don't seem to be supported. Any chance we can get those too?
Just curious why this isn't its own datum? Like a "textfield" datum with variables and functions like "AppendText()" to add text to the field so the entire text didn't have to be sent over again when the text changes.

Not to mention in the future when you want more customization, you have to add even more variables to every atom like maptext_length, maptext_background, maptext_multiline, maptext_wordwrap, or whatever.

Adding a new datum called textfield (or something) and then giving all atoms a variable that can be set to a textfield datum to display text like an overlay makes more sense to me.

icon_state = "mob"

step_size = 4

bound_width = 24
bound_height = 24

new /text_obj (src, 300, 100, "Testing... testing... 1... 2... 3..", 0, -32)

parent_type = /obj
New(atom/movable/anchor, width, height, text, px, py)
pixel_x = px
pixel_y = py

maptext_width = width
maptext_height = height

maptext = text

anchor.overlays += src

Windows 7 64-bit, BYOND build 494.1125.
I would like to see maptext support
obj/screen_loc = "1,1 to 10,10"

as being one entity.
In response to Kaiochao
Kaiochao wrote:

Why does the mob's icon duplicate itself?
In response to Albro1
My guess is because an overlay inherits its owner's icon and icon_state if none is specified.
That was a bug that should be fixed in this latest release.
In response to Tom
Tom wrote:
That was a bug that should be fixed in this latest release.

494.1129? Nope. I duplicated this myself and I am running 494.1129.
It seems to work fine in my tests.
It's hard to explain or rationalize, but adding maptext to a mob's overlays and moving that mob around deems very buggy.

Take this, for example. I am using a modified version of Kaiochao's code. Run it as-is and move around. Especially head towards the top half of the map and note the behavior.
In response to SuperAntx
SuperAntx wrote:
Oh? It's a bug now?

Well the idea was to allow icon_state to be set to have overlays share the same icon grouping with their parent. However, with map_text there is more of a legitimate reason to attach overlays with no icon or icon_state. So in 494, when there is no icon_state, the overlay will not inherit the icon (and can effectively be null).

We'll check out your test, Albro1.
I think we definitely need a way to offset the map text

Perhaps maptext_x and maptext_y which would act exactly like pixel_x and pixel_y already does for atoms, except for maptext.

One major reason, for the simple "adding a name above your character" use case... It's not possible to center your name if the characters combined width exceed icon-size width. The only way would be to use some sort of object attached to you which could get confusing in the long run, and requires 1 object per atom you wanna center text for.
Back to your earlier discussion on font files being located on the client's computer, thus preventing the server from knowing the size of the text...

Would it be possible to allow us to pack a font file into the rsc, so that we could specify the exact font the client is using? Wouldn't that solve that problem entirely, and allow the server to automatically truncate the text?
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