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If you can help pls comment below
If you need help with your games ill be happy to help out and if you know how to add pictures orcolors as backgrounds i would appreciate it if you help me
u my friend used to have a dbz game tell him if he can help you ou his byond thing is Sting15 and Gmatic
Your naruto game sounds great.
if you need a tester or somthing contact me via pager or site.
Page me.
Rikuuz9 Banned me from Pokemon Phantom Sky for no reason,tell him to unban me please
ill try
Become a fan for my game Pokemon Revolution! Thank you for support. I release a screenshot of the game.
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Reaper123456789 wrote:
naww shit all his games are rip
Darkchrispee wrote:
All my games are not rip you mean all your games rips
Yo man, What's up, Call me The Tupac of programming, I think what you are doing is boss as hell, especially that EverQuest game, that is one of the most complete games I ever played, I especially loved where there are exits inside exits inside exits, I've never seen that done before. and It's original, I also liked the part, where everything is empty and rocks look like shit with red things popping out. I also liked that I never stop facing south, I mean like, I am sexy as hell, and I always want to be looking at myself. Man, you are probably one of the best programmers in the world. Tupac is back.
In response to Dominate Another Day
Yo dawg, as Tupac I aint like you callin my name out to compair yoself to me. But I agree with everything you just said nigga.
You clearly me in disgiuse nigga, how you gonna fuck yoself up? FEEL ME?
reaper123456789 is a faggot who only rips. fucking fag
uhm hello to you too,i only have pocket monster,pokemon revolution n dawn trisis lol which one is rip?
correct me if im wrong but dont you have a rip dbz fail game with 0 fans
Sir I was asking if i could be your permanent hoster for Pokemon Revolution the game has been on and off a lot and if you allow me to be your hoster I will make sure it stays up and that no problems occur
Hey ill host if you want me to, i host games all the time