Naruto The Final Battle

by Matt3151
Naruto The Final Battle
Naruto: The Final Battle 3.0 Coming Soon!
Keywords: admin, ank, app
Name: Ank, Ansou, Ankarou. any of them are fine.
Key: Jro 101
Applicable experience: 4 years of memory of this games functions. General knowledge of most players wants and needs based on my perspective as a normal player. I know when to be strict and and when to be lenient, what's ban-worthy and what's not.

Basically, I love this game, and all the people that play it. It's a great thing to have come home and rediscovered it, I would certainly enjoy the experience I would gain from being an admin or moderator. And I would love to make everybody's game experience better in some way, because this is a great game to have around and I just love to play.
No matter whether I am hired or not, I will definitely continue to play and assist in whatever way I can.
Can i get admin