Bleach: Soul Society

by Redlink2212
A BLN rip that strives to be so much more.
Welcome to Bleach: Soul Society. We're back, and better than ever! More details will be posted at a later date, but we want you guys to know that as the players, you do have a voice in what direction we should take the game in! Our ears our open to any suggestions you may make, but here are a few things to expect as of now:

Dynamic Boss Battles
New classes, and a revamp of some of the older ones-- both mechanically and visually!
Improved combat system
New events

Redlink2212 - Head of Staff
GameMaster85 - Programmer
ManaSoul - Artist

And check out Shinobi Rising, an upcoming ninja-based MMO brought to you by our very own ManaSoul!

Credit for the BLN content goes to Bustercannon and everyone involved in the Bleach: Las Noches/Lost Worlds/Soul Elysium project. Had a good run, and it was sad to see you go.
make this game up level !!
Hello! Bleach Las Noches is back under a new name, updating frequently. We've been live for about three months.

Come check it out!