Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
This game is AWESOME
This Game Is Good But despite the fact that it has lag is very annoying but the best server i know of is megamangeo's server its lag free and is fun with good gm
greet game better then the others for sure but some people seem alittle well done if you know what i mean lots of fun even if my favorites all suck though
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Eternal_Memories wrote:
KaiKuro wrote:
Great game. Had fun but i found a problem with Orochimaru's kusangi and with crow for kan kuro ,on the lateist verson (v3.20). You have to keep clicking right and left just to move it across the screen. Unlike the last verson where you only have to hold the arrows just to move it. The only way that works like the old way is the up arrow key. Henata need more moves hes just a neji with less skills. When people get poisoned it stops half way through and sometimes it stays even tho they are dead. Other then that its a great game and depends on whos hosting as well. Cant wait for the next up date. Yes i know i will add what i said about the problems to the form. Other then that THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!
Weird that all the stuff i said about the new version is now fixed......

What did you mean with it need to use arrow keys? This is meant to work this way, and this "change" was implented long time ago, the old one used to force the kusangi to keep moving forever until you pressed it again, which was annoying.

What i ment is that you have to keep clicking the arrow keys just for it to move. Unlike the last version where all you have to do is hold the arrow key to make it move in that direction. Yes it will stop if i let go of the movements. But like i said its fixed for some reason.
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CloudNimbus123 wrote:
This Game Is Good But despite the fact that it has lag is very annoying but the best server i know of is megamangeo's server its lag free and is fun with good gm

MY server is Good But Its lag Free when im not afk when im afk lag start coming slowly and im like afk cuase i got school but i keep my comp on but i will try to fix that problem soon and eternal if u can meet me on my server at 8oclock pm tonight i got some bugs to discuss with u.
this game is epic man , and Yodaime is soo fuck [email protected] can someone give me yodaime plz ? i am creazy fan
This game rocks I haven't found a Naruto game like it.
hmm this game looks good keep up the good work
alguem pode libera o yondaime pra min?
I really like the game, But sometimes it can lag so hard so i think that you can remove the lag if you can thank you. And umm when you get hit in the air while jumping you cant jump normal you have to super jump to jump. And can we get more moves for more people thank you very much EM your the best!
this game is awesome, you should play it! They finally added Team Balancer! :DD
Really good game so addictive.
ok if we follow logic. Peins mass revive should kill him. It did in anime. =P
You nerfed sand bullet?... Really? God forbid Konoha actually WINS...Why don't you nerf meat tank and gatsuuga while you're at it. Upgrade hidan and the sound 5 btw. They aren't OP enough /smh
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Sand bullet could be spammed 5 times before you ran out of chakra, it stunned enemy so he was moving slowly to the place you hit him in and you could hit him 5 times with it without problem however even 4 bullets killed many players that had middle health unlike high health players like karin but it still could damage her preety much, and thats the reason it got removed, akatsuki got hidan nerfed while yondaime has new moves and right now Eternal might be working on few bugs.
I see now i can say gcool game because no more team killing! best game ever!
You said you needed us to vote for new President . I vote for TeenGogeta!
TeenGogeta has been added as President.
We've already released v3.40 Hosting Files on HUB.
This is THE BEST GAME I EVER PLAYED IN MY LIFE. AWESOME. Keep working hard man because this is a good game.
Just Stopping By To Say That The Game Is AWESOME
Jules =3
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