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by Falacy
Because BYOND.
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Err how about BYOND member instead? It could possibly might want the player to buy membership so they could support BYOND, and get the ability to use those item like tanks, or helicopter.
In response to Vexxen
still it increases the border between people that have money for it and people that dont
In response to Adamkad1
Vexxen wrote:
It could possibly might want the player to buy membership so they could support BYOND, and get the ability to use those item like tanks, or helicopter.

keyword: might, player, buy, membership, support, BYOND
Hosting so we don't have to rely on one server and so people have the chance to improve this game even more in unique ways that maybe you didn't like and have a chance to own a server.
More focus on other weapon options in survival. Like that Samurai girl in Walking Dead, it would be cool to slash shit up but sacrifice range.

Different shaped/perked Zombies? Yea I know there are Zombies that can shoot ice and whatnot. But what comes to mind are the Dead Island zombies that, for example, can punch you with super strength or vomit on you. Makes it feel more Zombie-like and technically more realistic if we assume Zombies could even exist.
You could add a Boss Zombie that is in the wild!!!!
The only thing I would love to see added is more buildings.
Things like:
Guard towers;
Walls (Like around spawn town);
and maybe some sort of HQ for united players.
Just some ideas.
more stuff to build for towns
-Bank for storeing items and money cause i really whould like one cause i get confused with finding items some times
-make houses so you can put stuff in them :P like couchs tv to read news and jazz like that
-make tanks so i can go boom boom at them zombies
-make outposts a little cheaper like 8000 or 5000 not 10000
thats all i got its mainly stuff for towns
Make a frog called "Narutard" and he should be a troll!
Make a skill where you can tame NPC Zombies!!!(Up to 4)

1.more ZOMBIES (( for example slender that will blind player for 12 sec or teleporter that will teleport player (not himself ) or fake zombies that will look like another zombies but will have powers of another ))
2.Store (( place where you may sell youre items and earn money and with money buy items in store ( random items ) ))
3.Bosses we need bosses !!!
4.Maybe more rooms or kinds of dungeons ????
I've been playing for about 30-40 minutes, and it looks pretty fun.

Not sure what the concept of the game is, but I would think it would be really cool if zombies in mass hordes tried to come into town, and it was the community's job to block them and fight them. Blocking them should involve short puzzles and crafting.

Hope this gets more attention, if this is only the alpha, I can only imagine what the final version might be.
I have been playing for like about 2 days now and I love the new updates, one feature I would like to see in future updates would more light objects such as:
Street lamps(Lights); the night effect is awesome but sometimes could be difficult to see,*only lamps in Town or Colonies[You also need to build them]*

Personal Flash light; If you plan on making a dungeon level that is in complete darkness, maybe having a flashlight could be helpful, and when attacking zombies outside of Town/Colony *You also need to build it and could be added to hotkeys
turn the treasure hunter into passive abilty. not like i cant put something out for it but you can use it to increase the rare chance without killing
also subscriptions should give some items that look cool as hell but dont give any stats so you could finally have items really worth of vanity slots
the new craftable walls should be destroyable or people will use them to block conquests. or give teleport abilty to go past those blocks
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