Pyrce High

by MasterBraska
Pyrce High
A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?

Updated version for testing. Download it here instead

The game is being updated, only the official server will show up for right now~
Pyrce high was put together pretty quickly, it has some sloppy coding inside of it and some bugs but I am going to recode a lot of stuff and fix all the bugs at the same time.
I've missed this game and working on it as well so let's all revive Pyrce High!

Pryce High is a horror role-playing game based off of the BYOND game "Mitadake High" created by DevourerOfSouls. This game is role-playing mandatory!

This version has many game modes to choose from so the role playing should never get bored.
First. <3:)
Nice game. :3
Braska, what is your MSN please?

I must contact you.
Help,i've been banned and i dont know why,i wasnt given a warning,i went to sleep,went to school,then came home and i was banned,please help!
i was banned for saying wtf... on say... how stupid is that.
Jtfang wrote:
i was banned for saying wtf... on say... how stupid is that.

There is a rule on there that prolly stated No Metagaming or something. Take the ban to Kyo's byond page there is an unbanning thread there
i posted the request on the site
It's not stupid at all. What's stupid is that Kyo warned you several times before the ban to NOT use netspeak in say, and it is in the rules, if you TOOK the liberty to read them. So kindly stfu and stop making it sound like people abused. Kthxbai.
first off toshuiro shutup and second... wtf counts as metagaming? i thought that was using information your not supossed to know...
it's kind of beig out of character in a way,you're a student in a high school that's kind of supposed to be somewhat like real life,saying wtf is metagaming since that's something used on the internet,if you were warned several times,thn its not that stupid
It's crazy how this game already gets more players than the Mitadake high.
Guys, please keep the comments clean and take your stuff to the forums where you can do your dirty laundry so others don't have to watch.
I think a comment's section is unnececery. If people have complaints/suggestions, then they can go to the forums. Maybe having jeremy lock this?

But I do agree that a lot of the MH players came around here. Why? Because they will actually get updates and new things added in.
Well you do have a point about the added part, and you also have admins and the Owner that actually come into the servers and talks to people :D
You should add a guitar weapon, and a bells weapon(the bells that are attached to the stick). And like, they could be non -lethals. and make noise. That'd be so boss. And I'd love to see that, i'm sure other people would too. <:
Please make any suggestions on the forums. They're more likely to be considered there.
Seems same as Mitadake high why was this made?
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