i am officially totally cool with the fact that i'm front page banned. all you mofos gonn' be missing out.

technically this isn't a very community-ish page any more, so only the true byondites(aka yusuke) will get to see this.

well, i am starting to well together ideas for what my dream game would be and this is what i drew. this means nothing and dont expect anything because by drawing this I have personally achieved absolutely nothing but nice art. so atm all i have is nice art, not game art haha

the second i figure out what i want to make i'll slap together a prototype and you guys(yusuke) can play it

oh yeah and empirezteam is a fucking genious, dont disrespect
Lol did they also hide the picture or what?
I can't see it.
Lol nice post!
ROFL, I didn't know you were front page banned. I thought you just stopped making posts because you got hit by a taxi or something.
Lol nice art, im also one of your fans :( make a good game :)

image seems like broken html anywhere heres link: