by Acebloke
[AMT] Slide boxes into the holes, but don't get Trapped!
Keywords: development, snake
You may have noticed me hosting Slide-o-Snake. Its a nice simple puzzle game with some 2 Player features added on top. I've updated it today for some graphical upgrades. For a start, the 'head' icon is now a unique shape, and the 'tail' end is now a triangle.

The significance of the second is more important than the first, as it gives the player an indication of where the next free space is coming.

In addition to this, the non-map area has been coloured in a dark red and black colour scheme which I think works a lot better than its black text on white which it was before. In addition, I also made sure I highlighted where the say box is, something I recently added to Survive This! when I hosted two weeks ago.

I find the game extremely addictive and often find myself playing it for a good half an hour whenever I boot it up. When I want a quick game of something, its always the game out of my own developed collection that I'll goto the most.

If you haven't tried it out yet, or if you've already got a highscore, take a shot at it as I'll be hosting still for another 40 hours or so.
No new AMT with it? :(
I would like to add some more gamemodes, but wonder if its too distracting.